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FOLIA LINGUISTICA HISTORICA is one of the two double-blind peer-reviewed journals of the Societas Linguistica Europaea. It is published by Mouton de Gruyter.

FOLIA LINGUISTICA HISTORICA appears once a year and covers all domains of linguistic research in which the historicity of language(s) plays a central role. This includes studies in historical-comparative linguistics, reconstructions of historical language stages, descriptions and explanations of specific diachronic developments, historically based explanations of synchronic language stages, investigations into the biological, cognitive, psychological, social, or systemic factors that affect the historical stability and co-determine the evolution of linguistic constituents or conventions, or attempts to account for the properties of human languages in terms of their nature as culturally transmitted and evolving systems.
     Additionally, FOLIA LINGUISTICA HISTORICA covers research into the history of linguistics.

The journal consists of scientific articles presenting results of original research, review articles, critical surveys of research in specific areas, book reviews, and a squib section carrying brief descriptive reports or theoretical proposals.

For indexing and abstracting services that cover FOLIA LINGUISTICA HISTORICA see the homepage of FOLIA LINGUISTICA.


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