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Review Guidelines and Form

FOLIA LINGUISTICA HISTORICA is committed to making the process of peer reviewing as transparent as possible and to support authors in preparing high quality submissions. Therefore we have summed up our evaluation criteria in the form of freely downloadable Review Guidelines.

The purpose of these guidelines is twofold. On the one hand, they address our reviewers. They are meant to give them an idea of the criteria we have for deciding how to proceed with a submission and to help them in producing their reviews. On the other hand, our guidelines also address authors and are meant to give them an idea of the criteria we expect contributions to meet.

Download Review Guidelines and Form (.doc)

While we do hope that you may find this review form useful, we are of course aware that some of our reviewers are so experienced that they do not actually require it for producing high quality reviews. Therefore, if the idea of making your comments in this form does not suit you, please do not feel obliged to use it, but feel free to send them in a format of your own choice.

As journal editors, we regard communication about scientific research as a collaborative effort, and we are extremely grateful to all our distinguished colleagues who support our authors and this journal in publishing high quality contributions by not only assessing the quality of submissions but by providing useful and detailed advice on possible improvements.




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